Youth Development Building Resilience Through Relationships Series

Youth development webinar series discusses the core developmental stages of children over time and explore strategies for building meaningful, supportive connections with them every step of the way.

The three-part series, presented by Rachel Schwartz and Jennifer Streicher of JCC Chicago.

Camp Is for the Camper v.3

ACA's #1 Best Selling Course and Book!

It is imperative that counselors see themselves as role models for campers and act accordingly. Parents place a great deal of trust in camps and camp counselors when they send their children to camp. Wouldn't it be great if staff could think about this aspect of camp before they even arrive at camp? Well now they can! ACA most popular online course will help you with the responsibility of training camp counselors.

The Camp Is for the Camper Online Training, Second Edition gives staff a jumpstart in considering their roles and responsibilities before arriving at camp. The program content draws from the best selling book, Camp Is for the Camper. 

Presenters: American Camp Association and Paul Schlag

CEC's: 2.0

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Non-editing teacher: Matthew Frohnhoefer, Sarah Tarjeson
Teacher: Sarah Taines

Designing Quality Youth Programs

If you believe your program offers a quality experience for your participants but also think doing even better is ideal, this course is for you. Designing Quality Youth Programs takes you through an eight step process focused on a rewarding journey of organizational improvement that recognizes each setting is different, every program is unique, and each improvement requires a targeted set of strategies.

This course can be supplemented with the companion book, Designing Quality Youth Programs. Regardless of whether you choose to use the book or just want to stay with the online course, get ready to venture out of your comfort zone, get into a “stretch” position, and learn how to take a critical look at your program’s potential!

Presenter: American Camp Association

CEC's: 1.0

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Teacher: Laurie Browne