Enhancing Camp Safety & Security: Federal Resources & Best Practices for a Safe Learning Environment

This recorded webinar addresses the complex set of dynamic and evolving security risks summer and year-round camps face. The presenter shares research-informed strategies and recommendations that enhance safe and supportive learning environments through collaborative, holistic, and actionable approaches.

The webinar focuses on the information, resources, guidance, and evidence-based practices available from the federal government on a range of safety topics and threats. Members of the camp community will also learn about federal resources and guidance to prevent targeted violence, encourage bystander reporting, promote online safety, and respond to threats of violence.

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Make NASA & STEM Part of Your Camp This Summer!

Experts from NASA will present a sample of STEM resources for formal and informal educators. They will cover a program specifically meant for camps, as well as materials on the themes of engineering, technology, and science (Earth and space). They will also provide URLs for additional materials in those themes.

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