Communications, Marketing, and Social Media Package 2.0

The ability to communicate effectively is essential for camps. Effective communication skills enable camps any youth programs to market and define the benefits of camp, to respond to customer concerns and even persuade campers and families to take the next step, resulting in more campers in our programs. 

Courses in this package include:

  • Crisis Communication for Summer 2021 (Kelley Freridge) 1.0 CEC
  • Crisis Communications for Camps in the Time of Coronavirus (Kelley Freridge) 1.0 CEC
  • Fully Connected: How a Radical Cell Phone Policy Can Improve Your Camp Culture and Cure FOMO (Shawn Marler) 1.0 CEC
  • Storytelling for Marketing: Telling the Story of Summer 2020 (Kelley Freridge) 1.0 CEC
  • The Five-Minute Marketing Plan: Designing Your Blueprint for Success (Jodi Rudick) 1.0 CEC

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